Laytaruk Andrew Prohorovich

54Laytaruk Andrew, Born 15.09.1942 – 2001
Schedule, the master of watercolor. He was born September 15, 1942. In 2 years the future artist became an orphan. Then there was the orphanage, work at the foundry-mechanical plant, the mine.
After changing Litary walked into the art room, where in collaboration with Director G. Zhuravlev was born his first genre picture “the native land” which has been exhibited at regional art show and has received high praise. That’s when Andrew, born decided to become a professional artist, enrolled in the book graphics Department of the Lvov polygraphic Institute.
He lived and worked as an artist in the city of Stakhanov of the Luhansk region.
In the work he was many-sided: painting, drawing, watercolor.
The world in his contemplative paintings. Yes, and Literal in his works, joyful, and fine watercolors. But from the whole palette of colors, his most favorite were two colors: black and white.
Until the end of his life, Literal remained true to the art Studio of the Stakhanov city Palace of culture.Gorky, revealing the artistic talents of their students.
Works Litewka A. P. was cataloged more than 20 national, urban art exhibitions. Presented in the city Museum, Stakhanov and in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.