Stegaresku Tudor Ion

1Stegarescu Fedor Ivanovich (Fedor Ivanovich) born in 1961. Grew up in Moldova. While studying at secondary school graduated from children’s art school.

In 1980 he moved to Ukraine and worked in the mines of the cities of Lugansk. The Red Beam, Rovenky.

Began participating in exhibitions since 1980. Prefers to work in different genres: from realism to avant-garde.

Work Stegarescu Fyodor Ivanovich are in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, USA. In 2004 in Dubai (Arab Emirates) was held a personal exhibition.

Lives and works in Lugansk.

Personal exhibitions:
– 1986. Personal exhibition and the Jubilee village club in Luhansk
– 1988 – 2008 Participated in all regional and all-Ukrainian exhibitions of the regional organization of folk craftsmen “Levsha”
– 2004 Personal exhibition in Dubai (Arab Emirates)
– 2006 Exhibition “Skhid I Zahid together” Dubna castle in Dubno, Rivne region
– 2008 Personal exhibition “native motives” in the Regional Museum of Lugansk
– 2009 Exhibition “Regional art of the East of Ukraine”. Poland G. Walch.
– 2009 Solo exhibition “My Ukraine”, Museum of Rovenki, Luhansk region
– 2009 Personalna the exhibition “the Churches of Lugansk region” in the East-Ukrainian national University. V. Dalya, Lugansk
– 2010 Personalna the exhibition “From dreams to reality”. Museum of local lore Rovenki of Lugansk region
2011 Crimea, Livadia village. Participation in the event by the Ministry of culture and arts of ARC, the “2011 Announcements”
2011 AR Crimea, Simferopol. The Central Museum of Tauris. personal exhibition “Lugansk, Crimea -scenic chime”
2011 AR of Crimea, Alushta. Alushta House Museum of the academician A. N. Barketova. Personal exhibition “My land – the color of the rainbow live”
– 2011 “Ukrainian landscape” at the Museum of Ethnography and crafts of the Ethnology Institute of the national Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Lviv
– 2011 Solo exhibition “a beautiful transformation”, Rovenki
– 2012, the AR of Crimea, Simferopol. Personal exhibition “Provincial pattern”