Mustakimov George Stepanovich

21George S. [(26 April 1950) is a Ukrainian painter and graphic artist.
1974-1978 Studied at Lugansk State art school.
1978-1983 graduated from the Kharkiv art-industrial Institute, faculty “Interior and equipment”, on a speciality — the artist of decorative art. He studied with Professor M. Shaposhnikov A.
1983 — diploma of the international competition of the political poster, Moscow.
1983 — Directed in Lugansk State art school as a teacher of special disciplines
1984 — Work in the art-manufacturing plant, part-time at the art school Teacher at Lugansk College of culture and arts.
1993 — acknowledged to the national Union of artists of Ukraine
1995 — participant of the exhibition of Lugansk artists in the National Museum of history of Kyiv.
1996 — Personal exhibition in the exhibition hall of the Luhansk regional art Museum.
1997 — Personal exhibition “and [the disciples” in the exhibition hall of the Lugansk regional art Museum
Since 2000 — lecturer of the Lugansk College of culture and arts.
12 the participant of Republican exhibitions — Kiev, Poltava, Sumy. Permanent participant of regional exhibitions.
Georgy Mustakimov are in Ukrainian national Museum, Kiev Museum in Lugansk. Some works are in private collections in Denmark, Germany, Russia, Israel, Holland, Austria, Italy and other countries of the world.