Domnenko Galina Grigorievna

tom8-05041922 – 1976 Soviet painter.
Domnenko Gregory S. was born 5 October 1922 in S. of the theater, Poltava region.
In 1956 he graduated from Kharkiv art Institute where he studied with N. Sheluto, T. Afonina, V. Alekseev, V. Kosarev.
Member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine.
Domnenko G. S. – the participant of regional, Republican and sadananda Galina Grigorievna (07. 06. 1953, Alma-ATA, now Almaty) – painter. Daughter of G. and M. Domnenko Tolokonnikova, sister K. domnenko. Member. Nuau (1991). The law. Kiev. art. Institute (1977; workshop of A. Lopukhov). Worked on 1977-90 Voroshilov. art.-prod. the mill (now Lugansk). From 1991 – Greece. Participant region, all-Ukrainian. IP. exhibitions since 1978. Persons. – in Lugansk (1991). DOS. genres – subject. painting, portrait, still life. In portraits using a nonstandard composition & l. the solution (centered or asimer. of the composition). For art is characterized by lyrical treatment of the images, the attention to detail, providing benefits to the environment. spatial environment, the color. specification, EXT. similarity, the reflection of the spirits. world.Union exhibitions.
The artist’s works are stored in Lugansk regional art Museum, in private collections of Ukraine and abroad.