Capcanes Tamara Nikitichna

45Capcanes Tamara Nikitichna (1917, Novogeorgievske, Ekaterinoslav province). He studied at the Kharkov GHEE (1939-1941), then in Kiev GHEE (1941-1946), M. G. Deregus, K. N. Spruce. From 1952 he took an active part in exhibitions. Voroshilovgradsk taught in art school. (1948). Author thematic paintings: “the session of the Lugansk city Council of workers ‘deputies in 1905″ (1955) and “Brigade of Communist labor” (1960) – with M. M. Shevchenko; “The new quarter” (1961), “Women’s share” (1964), “Farewell” (1975), “Dream” (1972), “Song for the fields” (1979), as well as a number of portraits – “Chef” (1954), “Milkmaid” (1955); landscapes – “the Road to the forest” (1953), “Father’s garden” (1974), “Crimean landscape” (1954). The master’s works are in Lugansk regional art Museum and in private collections.