Bezugly Oleg Nikolaevich

974654was Born 4 March 1968 in the city of Rubezhnoye of the Luhansk region.
In 1987 he graduated from Lugansk State Art College (Department of decoration).
1991-1997 – studied at Kharkiv Art-Industrial Institute (Department of easel graphics).
Since 2005 I work as a teacher at Lugansk state Academy of Culture and Arts at the Department of “Easel painting”.
A member of nuau since 2009.

Participation in exhibitions:

1.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “picturesque Ukraine”in 2007 Ternopil.
2.All-Ukrainian autumn art exhibition”Day of artist”in 2007 the city of Kyiv.
3.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “picturesque Ukraine”in 2008 in Dnepropetrovsk.
4.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “Mykola Gogol, Ukraine and the world” 2009. Poltava.
5.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “Day of artist”, 2009, Kiev.
6.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “picturesque Ukraine”2010 year in Kiev.
7.All-Ukrainian art exhibition dedicated to the 65th anniversary of Victory in the great Patriotic War 2010 the city of Kyiv.
8.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “colours Carven Dnipra”2011 Dnepropetrovsk (3rd place in the nomination graphics)
9.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “picturesque Ukraine”2012 Zaporozhye.
10.Triennale competition of graphic arts named George Yakutovych 2012 city of Kyiv.
11.All-Ukrainian Christmas art exhibition 2012 in Kiev.
12.All-Ukrainian art exhibition “artist’s Day 2013 in Kiev.
13.All-Ukrainian Christmas art exhibition 2013, Kyiv.
14.Personal exhibition in House of artists 2013 Lugansk.
15.International exhibition indepedante The 19th International Exhibition of prints in Kanagawa ’97.