Shchigolev Oleg Leonidovich

img328-50f4eBorn in 1950 in Ukraine. He graduated from Art College of Dnepropetrovsk, a Member Union of artists of Ukraine since 1985. In exhibitions participated since 1976 selected EXHIBITIONS: 1976 – 1989 party 4 15 Republican and all-Union exhibitions 1990 – “21 Views”, Dundee, Odense (Denmark) 1991 – personal exhibition in Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff, Great Britain (Wales, UK) 1993 – personal exhibition in HUD. Gallery, Lugansk, Ukraine 1997 – solo exhibition at Llantarnam Grange Arts Centre,Walles, Great Britain (Wales, UK) 1998 – personal exhibition in HUD. Gallery Of The Kiev-Mohyla Academy. Kiev 1999 – personal exhibition in the Exhibition center Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine 2000 – personal exhibition in HUD. The gallery of the Polytechnic Institute, Kiev, Ukraine 2000 – personal exhibition, artist. Gallery, Lugansk 2001 – personal exhibition in HUD. The gallery “Griffin”, Kyiv, Ukraine 2004 – personal exhibition in HUD. Gallery, Lugansk 2006 – personal exhibition in HUD. The gallery “Griffin”, Kyiv 2007 – Triennale of Painting, Kyiv 2007 – 4th international feature film. Contemporary Art exhibition ” Biennale di Venezia®”. Gallery “W Millennium”, San Marco, Venice 2008 – International Feature Film. the exhibition “Testimonianze sul futuro Dell’arte”. Gallery La Pergola, Florence 2008 – I Biennial Of Art Of The United Italy. Reggio di Caserta, San Leucio, Italy 2008 – all-Ukrainian feature film. Exhibition of SH. Kiev 2008 – collective anniversary “50 years of the Leningrad Union of artists” 2009 – personal exhibition “Fragments of existence” , feature film. Gallery, Lugansk 2009 – Regional exhibition “Spring Vernisage”, art. Gallery, Lugansk 2009 – Regional autumn exhibition for Artist Day, art.Gallery, Lugansk Works are in Minutes. Culture Of Ukraine, Art.Museums and Galleries of Lugansk, Kiev and in private collections of Ukraine, great Britain, Italy, Spain, Holland, USA, Denmark, Israel, etc.