Korobov Vadim Fedorovich

Vadim Korobov Fedorovich1KOROBOV Vadim Fedorovich (19. 12. 1931, M. Voroshilovsk, now Alchevsk Cinecitta. region) – painter, graphic. Member. Nuau (1974). The law. Voroshilov. art Uch-school (now Lugansk, 1957; Rev. A. Filbert). On Shuttle. work. Resp. Secretary. Voroshilov. organization CFS (1975-86). The participant region (1959), all-Ukrainian. (1961), vsesoyuz. (1965), Intern. (1972) is. exhibitions. Persons. – in Lugansk (1968-2008). Creates the machines in the industries. painting and drawing theme. pictures on social., Gen. themes, combining tragic. sarcasm and rates with lyricism. Cityscapes K. marked psihologica an insult to nature. Individual works are kept in Cinecitta., Donets. HMM.