Klimenko Andrey Leontievich

 002-01 Klimenko Andrey Leonidovich – one of the most famous and popular among the young artists of the romantic, historic and heroic genre. It is on a par with modern classics like Konstantin Vasilyev, Boris Olshansky, Vsevolod Ivanov, worthy of continuing the best traditions of Russian culture.

Andrei Klimenko was born June 12, 1956 in the village of Schetovo Lugansk region of the Ukrainian SSR. He graduated from high school and art school in Lugansk (1971-1975). Passed military service in aviation. Higher Education: Moscow State Art Institute. IN AND. Surikov (1980-1988), under the leadership of IS Glazunov. Member of more than a dozen solo exhibitions in Russia and the United States. The most significant “Slavic-Russian and Scythian epos” (1989), “Images of Russian World” (1996), “Day of Russia in the Russian Consulate General in San Francisco (2003). The artist, now living and working in Moscow, awarded diplomas and certificates. The paintings are in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Germany, Spain, as well as in the Museum of the First Slavic mythology (Tomsk).

January 26, 1997 Andrei Klimenko, together with his wife and two children went to the USA (New York), where he lived from 1997 to 2009. There his work acquired a completely different theme and color. Once in the Wild West and become a part of it, he became a different person, sign pseudonym Andriko WenSix. The history of this metamorphosis is described in the book of the wizard ( “American Idol in painting”). It is, just as the work of the American period, the artist, is a parody of postmodern art. Here the language of surrealism and abstraction reduced to caricature, the modern splint. Place epics and fairy tales take erotic dreams and hard, visual-conceptual manifestations. The human body is dissected, tissue crawl and art reaches grotesque horror voltage. And yet, these are skits in the West a great success, fall into private collections and are sold for thousands of dollars.