Fesenko Artem Yur’evich

glgrcggcRbc-21-800-600-80Born February 19, 1981 in the city of Lugansk. In 1996 he entered the Lugansk art College, specialty “Easel painting”. In 2001 graduated from College and entered the Luhansk Academy of Culture and Arts, specialty “Easel painting”. In 2008 graduated from the Academy and began working as a teacher of painting at the Academy of Culture and Arts in Lugansk. Since 2008 his exhibition activity began. Participant of exhibitions: “Magic colors of Dnepr” ( Dnepropetrovsk 2009 – 2011 ), Regional art exhibition (Luhansk 2008 – 2013), all-Ukrainian Christmas exhibition (Kyiv, 2011), all-Ukrainian exhibition of the artist’s Day (Kiev 2012), all-Ukrainian exhibition “Picturesque Ukraine” (Kiev 2011, Kiev, 2011, Kharkov 2013), all-Ukrainian exhibition of landscape “memorial A. I. Kuindzhi” (Mariupol, 2012), Solo exhibition (Luhansk 2013), “Kotlyarevsky” (G. Poltava, 2013), “Magic colors of Dnepr” ( Dnepropetrovsk, 2013 ), the Exhibition of the artist’s day (Kiev 2013), exhibition on the day of the 200th anniversary of T. G. Shevchenko (Kiev 2014). May 20, 2013 participated in the exhibition with art Association Harness (Kharkov, gallery Kostyansky lane). 19 November 2014 a solo exhibition in the hall of the Luhansk art Museum. 4 December 2014 took part in the second exhibition contest of the open festival of fine arts in memory of the honored artist of Russia S. S. Kosenkova. May 4, 2015. participated in the exhibition of works of Lugansk artists, dedicated to the 70th anniversary of victory in great Patriotic war and the independence of the Luhansk people’s Republic. August 5, 2015 participated in the exhibition “World war”, St. Petersburg.