Borisenko Pavel Nicolaevich

foto111Dilution, space, motion, a Mirage, a reflection, a radiation — these are the themes reveals Pavel Borisenko in his paintings.

Works Pavel graphics in the genre and formal composition. “Each painting is loved in its own way,” says Paul Borisenko. So next to the graphics in his Studio you can see the beautifully drawn landscapes.

This artist paints from childhood, and in 1993 he held his first regional exhibition.

Pavel Borisenko was a member of the all-Ukrainian, regional art exhibitions.

About the artist the articles were published in Newspapers in regional and Ukrainian.

Paul N. I am impressed with the creativity of the old masters: I. Repin, V. Serov, M. Vrubel; from the avant-gardists — Rodchenko, Y. Chernikhov; from the creations of their fellow — work Gubsky and I. E. the German.

Pavel Borisenko is married and has a son of school age.

“If my work should my edge, I’ll be glad to link our with him (edge of the) future”, — says the artist. He strongly believes that “good will conquer evil”.