Agibalov Vasily Ivanovich

Agabalyantspeople’s artist of Ukraine (since 1978). Born April 21, 1913 at S. Upper Gnilusha (now S. Lozovoi) Voronezh region the participant of the great Patriotic war. He studied at the workers ‘ faculty at the Kiev art Institute (1932-33), Kharkiv art College and the Kharkov art Institute (1933-42), teachers L. Bloch, M. Gelman, O. Matveyev. HO is a member of the CFS since 1942. Participant of Republican, all-Union and foreign exhibitions since 1942. Personal exhibition: town of Lozova (Kharkiv region) – 1998. Was a teacher at KhSAI (1949-54), he worked at Kharkiv sculpture factory Art Foundation of the USSR. Laureate of the state prize of Ukraine.T.G.Shevchenko (1977)